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Dacha Real Estate is a real estate company that has been engaged in investment projects in the UAE real estate market for more than 5 years and has confidently established itself in this area.

Dacha Real Estate is based on Kashwani Law Firm, one of the largest and oldest law firms in the United Arab Emirates. Joint cooperation with Kashwani Law Firm ensures our clients legal cleanliness and full legal support of financial transactions and banking operations.

Perhaps, nowhere else is the Arabian flavor presented with such splendor as in the UAE. An unprecedented synthesis of oriental culture and cutting-edge achievements of civilization is amazing. The abundance of exotic and unique architectural projects, excellent beaches and artificial islands, amazing cleanliness and order is not a complete list of all the delights of living and acquiring real estate in this fabulous oasis country.

Investors from non-Arab countries were first allowed to purchase real estate in the UAE (namely, in the emirate of Dubai) in 2002. Then the Crown Prince of Dubai, and today the Prime Minister, Vice President of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with a special decree, allowed the sale of land and housing in Dubai to foreigners in full ownership. The decree served as an impetus for the start of the construction boom, which does not stop even now, and also gave property owners the right to receive a residence permit, which is updated every three years.

In Russia, for the first time, they started talking about the United Arab Emirates as a very attractive country for buying real estate, in 2003. The main indicators affecting the increase in demand for real estate in the Emirates are economic growth, the availability of modern infrastructure and political stability.

To date, there are two options for investing in the purchase of real estate in the UAE - this is the purchase of a finished object with subsequent lease and the purchase of an object under construction with the possibility of subsequent resale. Both options are very profitable, since the demand for real estate is constantly growing. The issues of renting real estate in Dubai are also not problematic. If there is a growth in labor force in Dubai of 60% per year, rental space is always in demand, and bring its owners up to 12% per year. At the same time, this amount of rental income is not taxed, because there are no taxes in the Emirates. When buying real estate in the UAE, the only amount that should be paid additionally is the fee for the renewal of ownership of the property, which is on average 2% of the total value of the property. It must be remembered that property owners are payers of the so-called maintenance fee, which includes payment for the protection and cleaning of the building, scheduled repairs, etc. The amount of the fee is approximately US $ 2 thousand per year.

Real estate in Dubai is very diverse: here you can choose housing for every taste. Only here you can buy luxury luxury apartments in skyscrapers, and at the same time find a small, comfortable apartment on the coast at a very reasonable price.

In general, it is possible to purchase real estate of any level: everything is determined by the desire of the buyer and the size of his budget.

We bring to your attention the most interesting projects for investment:

Kensington crystal

The world's first maritime city in Dubai, designed to become the heritage of the future! The 36-storey building in the form of a black crystal, which will be located in Maritime City, with magnificent views of the Persian Gulf.

  • Total price per floor, US $ - 19,472 (sq. M. Price - 9,728)
  • The prices of individual offices, US $ - from 1 887 000 to 5 104 000 (price per sq. M, US $ 10 700)
  • Floor area, sq. m - 1 982
  • The area of ​​individual offices, sq. m - from 176 to 477
  • Paid - 10%
  • Next payment - November 22, 2008

Elite Residence 6, Sport City

Elite Residence 6 is located in the Sport City Dubai area. On the corner site around the lake and very close to Cricket Stadium, as well as the exit from Sport City Dubai, onto Emirates Road. Elite Residence will be a huge success due to its location on the waterfront, surrounded by sports clubs, stadiums and golf courses.

  • Upon purchase - 15%
  • Paid - 30%
  • Area - from 45 to 98 square meters. m
  • Total area - 48 - 100 square meters. m
  • Sq m - US $ 4350
  • Total Cost - From US $ 210,000
  • Completion of construction - 2010

D1 tower

The magnificent 80-story residential tower D1 is the twin of the Q1 tower in Gold Coast, Australia. The design of the D1 is a striking combination of rich Middle Eastern heritage and high technology, quality and modernity. Building D1 is located in a unique location - on the shores of Dubai Creek Bay in the historic part of Dubai, next to the majestic Palazzo Versace Palace. Project D1 offers hotel apartments with one, two or three bedrooms, as well as penthouses.

  • Dubai Creek - project D1
  • 3-bedroom apartment No. 4401 (2 parking spaces)
  • Sq price m - US $ 11 729
  • Type - L Front
  • Area, sq. m - 253
  • Paid - 10%
  • Next payment (20%) - October 4, 2008

Palace Tower at Dubai Silicon Oasis

The Palace Tower is a unique project created by the best architects and builders of Tameer. The Palace Tower is a multi-purpose building that meets the needs of business people who prefer to work close to their own apartments. The project consists of two towers, which include 424 apartments, 150 offices, several entertainment and shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, two swimming pools, three fitness centers, a kindergarten, a mosque.

  • Upon purchase - 70%
  • Sq cost m - US $ 3,832
  • Floor area - 1097 sq. M. m
  • Completion of construction - end of 2009

Dubai promenade

The Dubai Promenade project is a high-profile and unusual project by Nakheel. The strategic location of this project in New Dubai with stunning views of The Palm Jumeirah Island, the coast and the city will help attract investment in this project. Dubai Promenade harmoniously includes The Channel Tower complex.

The channel tower - 3 modern skyscrapers designed in different styles, apartments - from 1 to 3 bedrooms, single-level and duplexes. All apartments have balconies.

  • The channel tower / al shimal
  • Estimated cost of 1,2,3 - room apartments - from US $ 1 million.
  • Sq cost m - from US $ 8000
  • The area of ​​a 1-room apartment is from 108 sq. M. m
  • 2-room apartment - 154 square meters. m
  • With reservation - 15%
  • Every six months - 10%
  • Payment upon receipt of keys - 15%
  • Project completion - 2011

Dubai waterfront - One of the largest projects in the world, located on the last remaining coastline in Dubai.

It is a whole city on the water, located on seven bulk islands, forming a crescent moon and adjacent to the coast, on the border with the emirate of Abu Dhabi. According to the construction plan, the whole city of Madinat Al Arab was erected on the islands, covering 10 zones and areas, its center will be Al Burj Tower - one of the highest in the world.

Madinat al arab

Madinat Al Arab infrastructure will include residential and commercial complexes, cultural, educational, medical and business centers, and, according to the developers, the balance between the various types of buildings will be maintained, and separate sections will be reserved for parks and recreation areas, and for yachtsmen will open interesting features: the complex will surround a large harbor with moorings. Thus, the whole life of this area will be connected with water.

  • Residential apartments
  • The completion of this project is scheduled for 2011.
  • Area - from 166.7 to 420.6 square meters. m
  • Upon purchase - 15%
  • Sq cost m - from US $ 9860
  • When buying the entire floor, the cost of square. m - from US $ 8960

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