Sensual Red Armand Basi

Bright and dynamic floral-chypre aroma "Happy In Red" is the most emotional of all perfumery creations from "Armand Basi". Fresh and playful, it was created for women for whom a smile is their hallmark throughout their lives.

The composition is woven from delicate floral notes of hyacinth, jasmine and iris, sparkling fruit notes of lemon and mandarin, spicy notes of red pepper, vetiver, patchouli and white musk by the unique composer Sylvia Fisher, for which aromas are a true vocation and almost all pages of fate.

Sylvia, why did you choose the profession of perfumer?

I am the daughter of a perfumer, and I grew up in the world of fragrances. It was quite natural for me that at the age of 20 I became a student of the perfumer and part of the Takasago team. I really value my profession, I consider it a real art that requires everyday investment in the form of passion and modesty.

What is the story of the creation of Happy in Red?

I imagined an anti-crisis fragrance that would express enthusiasm and dynamism through vibrant ingredients.

What do you draw inspiration from when creating perfumes?

In this case, in the magic of spring and the awakening of nature. I imagine flower buds swelling and the first green leaves appear on the trees.

And what does red mean to you personally?

Passion, joy, a hint of abundance. Human life itself.

And then what is happiness?

That which overwhelms us, and makes us see life in all its colors.

Please tell us about the composition of the new fragrance? What notes were chosen and why?

Bright bergamot and mandarin cocktail is diluted with piquant notes of pink pepper. Heart notes - jasmine and magnolia - add exquisite harmony, sensuality gives rise to a base of sandalwood and vetiver.

For which woman was he invented?

For a young, playful, spontaneous, daring dreamer.

What is the Armand Basi universe like for you?

This is the embodiment of purity and sophistication, animated by joyful, bright and vibrant colors.

Which corners of the planet inspire you the most?

Sea. Atlantic coast and the Mediterranean. Nature awakens my feelings.

How does aroma attract attention?

Due to its femininity, elegant train, which can become a reflection of the personality itself.

What is your favorite fragrance family?

Depends on the mood and the season. I like to play with all shades of the palette - floral, oriental, chypre. Each of them is unexpected, and in itself is a nice game.

And which ingredients are closest to you?

Spontaneous, sharp, amber notes, woody, incense. And delicate flowers: roses, mimosa, white lily, lotus, wisteria.

What pleases you the most in the process of creating perfumes?

The perfumer is a joyful profession full of surprises. When I come to work, I never know how the day will end, what result I will get at the end. And I keep thinking about work, wherever I am.

Do you see yourself in some other profession?

A long time ago I was thinking of becoming a juvenile judge. Today I see myself in only one role - a perfumer!

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