Surname traditions Pippo Perez

Text: Dariga Masenova

Founded in Florence in 2007, the jewelry brand Pippo Perez is the brainchild of the combined efforts of a descendant of the ancient jewelry dynasty Pippo Perez and entrepreneurs Maurizio Marchi and Michelle Capalbo, real connoisseurs of the jewelry market. From that moment, the fascinating history of the company began ...

The jewelry brand "Pippo Perez" made it their goal to combine the traditions of jewelry craftsmanship with the idea of ​​creating jewelry as accessories for everyday life. According to Pippo Pérez, jewelry should not be necessarily just the norm for special occasions. Jewelry should be worn daily: they can be "partners" in trouble and joy and witness the transformation of personality.

Born in a family of jewelers whose roots lie in the 15th century, Perez continues the family tradition, creating beautiful and unique collections. Many years ago, namely when Christopher Columbus discovered America, the Perez family began to create jewelry for the Duke of Aragon. Pippo Perez's father, Gianni Perez, once made the famous necklace donated by Sophia Loren Clark Gable and an engagement ring for Marilyn Monroe.

Pippo himself, undoubtedly endowed with talent, studied for a long time, learning gemmology, as well as various diamond cutting techniques in the United States of America and Switzerland.

Using the knowledge and invaluable experience accumulated by his ancestors for over 100 years, the jeweler creates jewelry with a modern, design, preserving the age-old traditions of the brand.

Embodying the philosophy of Pippo Perez, the trinity of like-minded people - Perez. Marchi and Kapalbo - release the original. Humorous collection. One of the vivid illustrations of Pippo Perez's vision is a signature pendant in the form of chili peppers, which in finished products turns into an elegant and symbolic element. Chili pepper is a kind of talisman that protects from evil forces and attracts good to itself.

Unsurprisingly, Pippo Perez has won many international awards, such as the De Beers Diamond International Award and the World Gold Council Award.

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